A refer container is a large, refrigerated shipping container that is used to move goods that need to be kept cool over long distances. This group of products includes fruits, meats, seafood, vegetables, dairy products, and even non-edible things like flowers and medicines. Shipments of goods that go bad quickly may need to be kept cool or delivered in an area where the temperature is controlled. Reefer containers can keep their cargo at the right temperature while they travel.


These boxes are made with both pre-coated galvanized steel (PPGI) and GRP. This product is perfect for customers who want steel exterior because it has metal on both sides of the wall.

The metal surface creates a vapour barrier and limits the amount of moisture that can be absorbed. This keeps the extra weight from building up and keeps the foam core from losing its effectiveness. This keeps the inside from getting worse. The box is very resistant to corrosion because its outside is made of pre-coated and galvanised steel. Most of the time, the surface on the inside is made of GRP, but it could also be made of stainless steel.


Both the outside and the inside of these boxes are made of metal. This keeps the boxes light while still letting customers carry the most weight possible.

The panels of these boxes have enough reinforcements to make them a great choice for heavy-duty applications.

These boxes are very strong and will last for a long time.


The outside of these boxes is made of GRP and the inside is made of metal. This makes the boxes lightweight while still letting customers carry the most weight possible. The panels of these boxes have enough reinforcements to make them a great choice for heavy-duty applications. When Ultracold buys GRP, it always comes with a gel coat that is resistant to UV light. When compared to steel, GRP is much better at keeping heat in than steel.


These boxes are made
of metal and have no insulation, which keeps them light and lets customers
carry the most weight possible.

These boxes are used
for things that don’t need to be insulated or kept at a certain temperature. 

These boxes are very strong and will last for a long time.


REFRIGERATORS is a well-known company that makes and sells high-performance
Road Milk Tankers that can hold between 5,000 and 30,000 litres of milk. We
were able to make a Road Milk Tanker that met the needs of our clients.
High-quality stainless steel is used to make these. Our equipment can be made
to fit the exact needs of our customers. The whole line is popular on the
market because it lasts long and works well.

These tanks make it
easy for different Road Milk Tankers to transport milk. Its perfect design
keeps it from leaking and keeps the temperature inside the tanker stable, so
the milk keeps its original properties. So, our tanks effectively chill the
milk that is stored in them, keeping the milk’s quality and freshness.


REFRIGERATORS is the best company that makes stainless steel water tankers. We
make and sell these Water Tanks in different sizes depending on what our
customers need. We have good water tanks for sale. The heads of our water tanks
can be elliptical, dish-shaped, flat, or cone-shaped. Our tanks last a very
long time and don’t need much maintenance. These tanks are made to last and
don’t need much care.

We can meet our
customer’s needs and requests because we have a well-designed factory and a
team of skilled professionals. We make and sell high-quality Stainless Steel
Water Tanks, Normal Steel Water Tanks, and Insulated Stainless Steel Water
Storage Tanks.


Customers can order
multi-temperature boxes if they want to ship items that need to be kept at
different temperatures inside the same vehicle. UltraCold is able to design and
make these specialized boxes with side doors, fixed partition walls, moveable
partition walls, ducting, thermostatically controlled fans, many evaporators,


Cold rooms and storage
chambers are delivered with PUF panels, doors with hardware, and refrigeration
units. Ultracold Refrigerators has the right equipment to make thermally
insulated PUF panels with thicknesses ranging from 60 mm to 150 mm, depending
on what customers want and what they need.

Even wall-to-ceiling
cam-lock joints can help make sure those modular cold rooms and storage are
built in the best way possible. Our most durable PUF panel has high thermal
insulation and is easy to put together and take apart. It fits walls, corners,
ceilings, floors, and door frames perfectly and saves a lot of energy.



Our cold chain solutions are made to make the customer’s experience better in terms of cost, energy savings, and performance.

Lowered running costs

Ultracold Refrigerators truck will make sure Lowered running costs

Easy to get goods out

Through side service doors, it's easy to get goods out of roll containers.

Unique system

Service costs are low and you don't need extra skilled workers to handle the system.


Temperature can be kept without using an outside source of energy.

Without Noise

Running and spreading without noise.

No emissions

Eco-friendly solution with no emissions